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Our Mission

Our Mission as the Monroe Regional Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to empower black entrepreneurship in order to establish a stronger black community. Our goals are to inspire, develop, educate, promote and cultivate economic success in the Greater Monroe Area.

Why Join?

Joining the chamber can be a smart move for your business. Businesses that participate in our membership help promote each other and work together, so your own business can grow and prosper quickly.


Monroe Regional Black Chamber is

Due to Covid black businesses have declined but 40%. This has directly affected our community as a whole. We are in a dire situation and asking individuals and the business community to recognize this without taking action ourselves would be a lack luster approach to business and would undermine our ability to make things happen as we always have. This is the time for our community to network purposely, intentionally promote and provide the best service possible when given an opportunity. Going forward this should be our communities motto.


The future of black business in our community relies on the creativity of black entrepreneurs and our ability to do more with less. Going forward our community must network with the intention of doing good business with one another. We will prosper if create a business culture and share the culture with each other.